At Legacy Coffee Roasters we love the community that comes with coffee, the people we get to meet, and the drinks we get to serve. In the end though, everything centers on relationship, and that is what we get to build with our guests every day. We put action to our words when we say that people come first and coffee second. We make every drink that is ordered to the best of our ability, because we don’t want to give our guests any less than the best we possibly can. If there isn’t relationship with the coffee, the community is lacking. If we don’t care about people before they even order the drink, our motives are devoid of authenticity. People always come first, and that transfers to our wholesale program.

We here at Legacy Coffee Roasters enjoy our product, and hope you will too, but we offer more than just a product. We want to see your business thrive while utilizing the product we have to offer, and the experience to back it. It’s the best thing when someone takes that sip of coffee where it finally clicks, “coffee is more than just sour or bitter, dark or light”. There are complexities that create seemingly never ending possibilities of flavor and enjoyment.

Our Goal is to provide the coffee necessary to create an amazing cup. Not only that, but to come alongside you as one of our guests and partner with you to continually ignite that passion and keep the fun of coffee alive.